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Milwaukee, Milošević, and the Wisconsin police Battles of Vokovar

RD-blog-number-5092 by Herb Zinser reviews the World War taking place in the sin wave continuum   … that is    sin wave/ oscillations  /  vibrations / amd harmonic oscillator continuum.




Below, the EARTH  geography  / land / farm land acres  ………   sin wave region


Code –> Wisonsin earth   ..algebra subset letters
…………………….sine  –> sine waves  with OS = Oscillations capital –> OShkosh.



OS = Oscillations capital –> OShkosh, Wisconsin
OS = Operating systems of  OS = OSCILLATIONs with OS = OSkhosh

–>  Milwaukee  –> 3,2,1  size  partition of  letters  into subsets
—> Mil + Wa + u –> MIlky way universe KEY   …Key pointer to the Tesla message about the universe and its subset region  ..planet EARTH.

tesla EARTH  levels  waves

tesla  6 energy of tsarnaev boston


Thus Milwaukee is the information center for Milky Way  Universe affairs   and the rest of Wisconsin provides  additional system support  …such as  OS =   Operating systems  in the city of OShKosh region.

picture - system 370 (2)


Let’s look at some concepts ..

Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo’s suggestions  of  ” 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS”   we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces……. the  2  CHIEF existential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron  automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, atoms, mmolecules, sin waves, gravity fields, EM fields,
2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc.

Maps and Territories – Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

abstarction ladder 2 larger

BBC News | Europe | Milosevic’s Yugoslavia…/milosevic_yugoslavia
British Broadcasting Corporation

Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic led his country on a course of conflict and violent disintegration. During his 13 years of power, the people of Yugoslavia …

Thus we levels of existence of Milosevic ..

a) his physical biology existence in the Earth geography region of Yugoslavia in Europe

b) his 2nd existence  ….  an expression agent for Nature’s systems and the Carl Jung collective    unconsiousness  (GROUP MIND)  of the  sin waves and oscillations continuum  ……  as their thoughts rise up thru levels of the subconscious
……. and then continue to go to the surface display area of message
……  that is the EARTH geography surface with  human display devices
… human activities (sin wave expressions) are like a television documentary.

In the SYMBOL MACHINE keyword Milosevic case …. about the sine wave continuum on Earth AND its social engineering APPLICATIONS TEST area in Yugoslavia
… with the sine  wave continuum world headquarters ( social sine wave THEORY assigned to the region of Wisconsin)

….  thus the  Wisconsin sin wave geography region and the people living  in Wisconsin … …..  form a Wisconsin CARL JUNG collective sin wave (GROUP MIND) … with sine wave wave continuum code  –>Milosevic –> Milos –> Mil + Os –>  MIlwaukee region  and OshKosh region.

milwauke madison map   okay

Thus Nature’s systems  has 2 regions on EARTH  … TEST regions ….

a) THEORY,  theorists,  thinkers and citizen intellectuals in  Wisconsin

..with empircal data generated by Nature in the Yugoslavia WAR zone

yugo balkan .war.3-31.lg


The reason for Nature’s selection of Yugoslavia for the data generating  EVENTS  via war and conflict  ……..  is the Nikola Tesla was born in the regions and he is major representative of the sin wave/ alternating cycle concept .. since he invented the AC electric motor.

bosnia war bombing  yugoslavaia



Thus  from Nature’s VIEW …  we have a bidirectional relationship between 2  regions

mapping domain range



Thus  BRAINS THOUGHTS or ERRORS    in Wisconsin influence  events in Yugoslavia and

events in Yugoslavia can create ….. parallel  processing  events ….  crime and  murder in Wisconsin.  We shall look at exmpales of this later.


Let’s look at another blog that lays an information foundation   … and then we will return to Wisconsin and the FEEBACK  signal EVENT ……..  the Milosevic  bio-computer subroutine  ordered …. shooting of Milwaukee  policeman Norberg and Kunish.

picture - iron 7


The oter blog post …


Nikola Tesla MILITARY code (War Towers ) and the Twin Towers battle of September  11, 2001


RD-blog-number-5089 by Herb Zinser reviews the Nikola Tesla  battle over the island of Manhattan
and the war casualties over the Tesla Wardenclyffe Towers.


  1. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.


  1. Wardenclyffe TowerWikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Wardenclyffe Tower (1901–1917), also known as the Tesla Tower, was an early wireless transmission station designed and built by Nikola Tesla in Shoreham, New …

Wardenclyffe Towers

Wardenclyffe Towers

Wardenclyffe Towers




Super-symmetry physics WAR mirrors



  1. Tesla‘s Earthquake Machine 1898 MANHATTAN PROJECT …
    • Added Feb 21, 2010

    Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1898, was the

  1. Tesla‘s Earthquake Machine World War 2

  1. Tesla‘s Earthquake Machine 2001 MANHATTAN PROJECT …

    Nikola Tesla SYMBOL LIFE revealed earthquake equivalence …. which drew police and ambulances to the region of his EARTH laboratory near Battery Park in Lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001   … thus a DEMO of modern EARTH technology systems and EARTH LANGUAGE interpretations  of  –>  assualt and battery VIA  geography frame of reference LAW SITE for the Social Contract with Nature ….   Battery park.

  1. New York – Assault and Battery Laws DEMO
    on Sept 11, 2001

    Laws and Penalties in New York State for Assault charges. Free consultation with a local New York defense attorney on NY assault offenses.



Let’s look at another blog post that explains the above and provides more examples.



War casualties over the Tesla Wardenclyffe Towers

The Tesla vibration war on EARTH and the Tesla virus (T-virus).

The signaling  event that provides data on the T-virus …..


Boston Marathon bombings

The Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent related shootings were a series of attacks and incidents which began on April 15, 2013, when two pressure cooker bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon at 2:49 pm EDT, killing 3 people and injuring an estimated 264 others.[4] The bombs exploded about 12 seconds and 210 yards (190 m) apart, near the finish line on Boylston Street.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) took over the investigation, and on April 18, released photographs and a surveillance video of two suspects.The suspects were identified later that day as Chechen brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.



To  deliver the complex  T-virus PROBLEM message ….. Nature’s SYMBOL  MACHINE  used  proximity message  techniques and parallel  processing to SELECT  a proper noun profile that best told the message –> T  – virus.



Thus the Darwinian selection of  …..

agent for  virus message –> word –> Virus –> V  + i  + rus  –> Vector interface  Russian

Nature’s code word –> Russian –> Ru + ssi + an –> Request Unit (VTAM SNA )  storage-storage-instruction atomic number

T –> Tsa  rna  ev  –> messenger RNA

mRNA / messenger RNA | Learn Science at Scitable – Nature




Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a subtype of RNA. An mRNA molecule carries a portion of the DNA code to other parts of the cell for processing. mRNA is created .



T e s l  a  –>  subset letters –>  Tsarnaev

–> Nature’s messenger RNA ….. for

Battle of Vukovar

The Battle of Vukovar (Croatian: Bitka za Vukovar, Serbian: Битка за Вуковар, Bitka za Vukovar) was an 87-day siege of Vukovar in eastern Croatia by the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA), supported by variousparamilitary forces from Serbia, between August and November 1991. Before the Croatian War of Independence the Baroque town was a prosperous, mixed community of CroatsSerbs and other ethnic groups. As Yugoslavia began to break up, Serbia’s President Slobodan Milošević and Croatia’s PresidentFranjo Tuđman started to pursue nationalist politics





Croatian War 1991 Vukovar destruction

Map of the EARTH geography region  ………



A street of ruined buildings with rubble strewn across the road. A red tractor and


Battle of Vukovar




The JNA began to intervene in favour of the rebellion, and conflict broke out in the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia in May 1991. In August, the JNA launched a full-scale attack against Croatian-held territory in eastern Slavonia, including Vukovar.

Vukovar was defended by around 1,800 lightly armed soldiers of the

Croatian National Guard (ZNG)

and civilian volunteers, against 36,000 JNA soldiers and Serb paramilitaries equipped with heavy armour and artillery. During the battle, shells and rockets were fired into the town at a rate of up to 12,000 a day



Wardenclyffe Tower
Wardenclyffe Tower
Wardenclyffe Tower
Wardenclyffe Tower
Wardenclyffe Tower
Wardenclyffe Tower



Wardenclyffe Tower
Wardenclyffe Tower


The Vukovar water tower
Heavily damaged in the battle, the tower has been preserved asa symbol of theWardenclyffe Tower


Croatia WAR ZONE .. the  region that Nikola Tesla was born.


Thus we have the   important TWO TOWERs …. the Wardenclyffe Tower   and the  Battle of the Vukovar Tower.

Symbol Machine language codes …

Wardenclyffe Towers…………
War            ff     Towers  with Base 16 hex’ff’ = High-values  = decimal 255

Vukovar Towers battle

These battles and wars over these 2 separate Towers …   converged into 1 giant EARTH system battle of Two Towers on    September 11, 2001 in  Nikola Tesla’s final home ..Manhattan..


For Nikola Tesla, nearly all of his creative work took place in Manhattan, and where ..

Nikola Tesla, nearly all of his creative work took place in Manhattan,

Nikola Tesla, nearly all of his creative work took place in Manhattan,

Nikola Tesla, nearly all of his creative work took place in Manhattan,




Hijacked Jets Destroy Twin Towers and Hit Pentagon

The September 11 attacks (also referred to as September 11, September 11th, or 9/11)[nb 1] were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda on the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The attacks killed 2,996 people (including 19 hijackers) and caused at least $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage.[2]

The attacks killed 2,996 people

The attacks killed 2,996 people
The attacks killed 2,996 people
The attacks killed 2,996 people
The attack code    29  –>  copper  and its Nikola Tesla   message from the city within  electricity




World Trade Center site – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The World Trade Center site (ZIP code: 10048), formerly known as “Ground Zero” after the September 11 attacks, sits on 16 acres (65,000 m2) in Lower  …


attacks, sits on 16 acres
attacks, sits on 16 acres
attacks, sits on 16 ac  –> ac –> Tesla  identifier code –> alternating cycles

The September 11 attacks  …… Washington , DC –> Direct Current

War of Currents – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The lower cost of AC power distribution prevailed, though DC systems persisted in … At the introduction of Edison’s system, no practical AC motor was available. ..


  • AC Induction motor. Why? | Forums | Tesla Motors…/ac-induction-motor-why

    Tesla Motors

    The AC motor needs the inverter and there has to be some loss in efficiency doing that. Why not use a DC …. If it used a DC motor it would be called an Edison.


  • Alternating Current (AC) vs. Direct Current (DC) – learn ……/alternating…ac…direct…

    SparkFun Electronics

    AC vs. DC. Edison. Thomas Edison (Image courtesy of … Lights andmotors could be connected between either the +110V or 110V socket and … WithTesla’s patents, Westinghouse worked to perfect the AC distribution system.


Tesla’s AC Induction Motor is one of the 10 greatest …

Above: One of the original AC Tesla Induction Motors on display in the British Science … In 1884, Tesla came to the United States and joined the Edison Machine


Thus the tragic EVENT of September 11 was Nature’s  created  signaling EVENT  about several things involving EARTH systems problems and conflicts  ….. that need to be understood and then fixed ..if  possible





  1. in other words …………



  1. A  vibration sent through the earth
    A  vibration sent through the earth
    A  vibration sent through the earth
    A  vibration sent through the earth
    A  vibration sent through the earth  ………..
  2. During the TESLA wars ……Croatia battle, shells and rockets were fired into the town at a rate of up to 12,000 a day  ..hence, the EARTH quaked  ..the EARTH ground /land surface … vibrated
  3. War in Bosnia – Office of the Historian…/bosnia



    Office of the Historian


    Oct 31, 2013 – Bosnia’s declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1992 raised the violence to a new level, triggering a war that lasted over three years  …

  4. Bosnian Genocide – Facts & Summary –





    Find out more about the history of Bosnian Genocide, including videos, interesting …during the war in Croatia that followed, the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army  …

  5. Genocide in the 20th Century: Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-95




    Bosnia is one of several small countries that emerged from the break-up ofYugoslavia, a multicultural country created after World War I by the victorious Western

  6. A  vibration sent through the earth
    A  vibration sent through the earth
    A  vibration sent through the earth
    A  vibration sent through the earth
    A  vibration sent through the earth  …..

Bosnian  Genocide

……returns an “echo signature”  ….. to Boston and their tricks







Find out more about the history of  Boston’s ROLE in Bosnian Genocide,
including videos, interesting
…during the war in Croatia that followed, the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army

Thus we see Nature’s feedback  message……  the echo signature.





The EARTH Nikola Tesla vibrations WAR TRIAL in Boston of physics, electrical engineering  agent –> Tsarnaev





WE have important information omitted from the Boston trial of Nikola Tesla messenger  code
–> Tsa –>  TSA RNA EV –> Tesla messenger RNA  electron volts  .. authorized agent for Nature’s complex  ENERGY message  …



The Bohr atom and the Uncertainty Principle…/lect23.pdf

The minimum energy (binding energy) we need to provide to ionize an H atom in its ground state (n=1) is 13.6 eV (it is lower if the atom is in some excited state.



Now, let’s   use atomic English language   to  look at  key proper noun




Letter —–> Tesla

Address—> 1..3..5 –> location 1, 3,5   give TSA of –>Tsa RNA EV




Thus orbitals  1,3,5  selected …..  from atomic Name –> T e s l  a  –> Tsa   ..hence, agent for orbital 1,3,5,






a jury convicted  NATURE   and Nikola Tesla EARTH  agent  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev



Now, let’s look at another  NIkola Tesla   AC electric motor  ….. conflict expression


How to Measure the Wattage  Used by an Electric Motor  in the Watts region of Los(t) Angeles  … › … › Other Types of Mortgages




Electric circuits can handle only a limited amount of watts, so it is vitally important to know the wattage of devices such as electric motors before plugging one into a wall socket or installing one … … Set the selector for AC voltage. In the U.S., the …



the fundamentals of ac electric induction motor … – turbolab

by EJ Thornton – ‎Cited by 8 – ‎Related articles


principles of AC electric induction motor design and application. Specific emphasis will be ….. of electrical power,


watts output to watts input, and can be restated.



Watts riots – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


University System of Georgia




Nov 20, 2013 – The Watts Riot, which raged for six days and resulted in more than forty million dollars worth of property damage, was both the largest and …


from August 11 to 17, 1965.

from August 11 to 17, 1965.

from A………………………65–> information pointer to Amperage and copper isotope 65


Watts electrical engineering  riots | Define Watts riots at

Watts riots definition. A group of violent disturbances in Watts, a largely black section of Los Angeles, in 1965. Over thirty people died in the Watts riots, which were the first of several serious clashes between black people and police in the late 1960s


Next to Los Angeles SOUTH region of Watts and Torrence is Orange County.




Copper – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cu (from Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29. It is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Pure copper is soft and malleable; a freshly exposed surface has a reddish-orange color.




Thus in this Nikola  Tesla EARTH geography region of Los Angees County and Orange County ..we have  the SYMBOL MACHINE   keyword and number signals ……..


Watts –>  electricity and the energy watts used by light bulbs and electric motors


Year 1965 –>  65 copper atomic mass 65

Year 1965 –> number 19 –> atomic umber of postassium with symbol K


19 –> potassium atom K–> pointer to President K (Kenendy ..assassinated in year 1963  …
code number 63 = copper atomic mass 63



Thus, we have the keywords /concepts from the Los Angeles message processing region. …


Watts –> electricity and electric AC motors


AC –> we have the AC awards in Hollywood …..  known as the  ACADEMY AWARDS for  human demonstrations of brain alternating cycles


year 1965 riots –> number 65 is a copper  atomic isotope


EM –> we  have the eletromagnetic awards from Hollywood  …..  known as the EMMY awards


Orange Country  ….. and is a symbol  for several things … one being copper metal  and its reddish-orange color


Let’s look at another example …the Boy Scouts den casualty  – Sam Hengel.


Wardencylffe  Towers –> subset codes –> War + den   –> therefore BOY SCOUT DEN casualty  in the EARTH wars of
Wisconsin ………….
……………sin –> Sin wave region in the Tesla alternating cycle wars ..with Porterfield –> I/O Port



Wisconsin Teen Samuel Hengel Dies After Shooting Self in … › US

  • ABC NewsNov 30, 2010 – A 15-year-old student, Samuel Hengel, died today after shooting himself … Sam as someone who was “active in the Boy Scouts, tae kwan do, …
  • Marinette hostage-taker was Boy Scout, popular › News › Wisconsin

  • Milwaukee Journal SentinelNov 30, 2010 – What motivated 15-year-old Samuel Hengel to hold his classmates … well-liked, a Boy Scout, even-keeled, plenty of friends, loving family. … Hengel died Tuesday morning at a Green Bay hospital without revealing a motive.
  • Sam Hengel, Teen Hostage-Taker In Wisconsin, Stumps ……/teen-hostagetaker-laug…

The Huffington Post

Mar 5, 2011 – Sam Hengel was no stranger to firearms. … with Hengel’s family, friends, teachers, Marinette High School classmates and even his Boy Scout leaders. … Wisconsin Teen Samuel Hengel Dies After Shooting Self in Hostage .

Now, let’s return to Wisconsin  and  Milwaukee  and   the parallel messages.

Slobodan Milošević – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediašević

After the death of longtime Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito in 1980, growing … of Milosevic and the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army launched their offensive with .

tesla croatia   waycliffe toewer symbolsim
Thus VIA the sin wave continuum ….. and wave equations …. the above MAY influence Wisconsin.
Above –> key numbers –> 2 months, 3 weeks, 3 days  –> 233
Vukovar signal  number 23  VIA  Sam Hengel …… the output PORT of PorterField ….. sin wave output PORT (porterfield –> Port error field )

Motive of Samuel Hengel, 15, in school hostage seige ……/motive_of_samuel_hengel_15_i…
The Plain Dealer

Nov 30, 2010 – Samuel Hengel died Tuesday morning at a Green Bay, Wis., hospital … The 15-year-old boy who held 23 students and a teacher hostage in a …. Outside Hengel’s home in Porterfield was a large sign that said

Wisconsin hostage taker who shot self dies | Reuters…/us-wisconsin-hostages-idUSTRE6AT05U201…

Nov 30, 2010 – … the hostage taker as 15-year-old Samuel Hengel, of Porterfield, who died in a … and did not harm any of his 23 fellow students or the teacher.

Wisconsin hostage

Wisconsin hostage

………….sin host  –> Sin wave continuum is the host operating system platform 


Preparing the host computer and remote computer for … – IBM…ibm…/t_deeref_Preparing_for_Remote_Deploy…

Jul 31, 2014 – Before you can deploy and run jobs on a remote computer, you must ensure that the host computer and remote computer are set up in the

IBM System/370 main-frame host processor for SNA VTAM running CICS online  – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The IBM System/370 (S/370) was a model range of IBM mainframes announced on June … Computer center with IBM System/370-145 and IBM 2401 tape drives.


IBM  CICS considerations…/ssw_ibm_i_71/ddp/rbae5apendxe.htm


This topic describes programming considerations for accessing CICS® remote files with i5/OS™ DDM. Note: A System/370 host must have installed CICS/OS/VS …

A System/370 host must have installed CICS/OS/VS .
A System/370 host must have installed CICS/OS/VS .
A System/370 host  ….. and Nature’s VERSION  of existence with a sin wave platform… 
picture - wave 1
tesla  6 energy of tsarnaev boston

Battle Of Vukovar –>  Milwaukee signal and clues


picture - milwaukee 5


Above code 43 –> pointer to –> Max Planck ….

planck time 43




tesla croatia   waycliffe toewer symbolsim
Thus VIA the sin wave continuum ….. and wave equations …. the above  influence Wisconsin.
Above –> key numbers –> 2 months, 3 weeks, 3 days  –> 233

Gun in shooting of officer traced to Badger Guns › … › Milwaukee County
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Oct 4, 2009 – … that have operated the gun store at 2339 S. 43rd St. since 1987. The store operated as Badger Guns and Ammo Inc. and later …. Officers Graham Kunisch and Bryan Norberg, firing into their heads from a few feet away.

Police stake out gun store on lookout for felons, straw buyers › … › Milwaukee County
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sep 26, 2009 – After a handgun traced to Badger Guns wounded two Milwaukee police … after leaving Badger Guns, 2339 S. 43rd St. Milwaukee police had staked … after Milwaukee police Officers Graham Kunisch and Bryan Norberg were 

2339 S. 43rd St.
2339 S. 43rd St.
2339 S. 43rd St.
…..39 …43rd   and age 26

Evaluation ordered for man charged with … › News › Crime
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Jun 11, 2009 – Kunisch, 26, suffered gunshot wounds to his left hand, left shoulder and head, the complaint says. … Norberg, 21, was shot in his right shoulder and his jaw. After the shooting, Thompson walked cautiously toward the officers, .

Milwaukee Police Officers Bryan Norberg (age 21)  and Graham Kunisch (age 26) both testified about being shot by 19-year-old Julius Burton before he received a sentence thirty …

database code  –> number 19 and 39 –> Potassium atom K –> agent Kunish involved

Ten Fingers of  age 26 Kunish  and his body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius
the ten toes of Kunish on  Milwaukee Interstate  Highway 43

–> Nature’s super-symmetry bio-physics PLAN of the Planck MIRROR  to

planck time 43

i-43 milwuakkee

hengel - 55 badger guns

In addition to Interstate 43 we have   South 43rd Street   ..both involved in the sin wave continuum …locations with the Schrodinger wave equation  and  Tesla oscillations  and Max Planck expression events on the EARTH surface with human activity  DATA signals.

badger guns   43rd street

Thus we have the EARTH linear algebra  ..geography SURFACE  matrix  MAP   named Lincoln –> Lin + col + N –> Line Column nxn square matrix   …………….
per  geo-physics math President Nixon ( for N X  N square matrices)


Thus we have math site at 2339 S. 43RD street –> number 39 .

We have K = Kunish, age 19 (Burton) and  number 39 (of the Badger Gun address) …..


The other  potassium site in Milwaukee (Earthly parallel universes)…….

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

Book a room at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for your next getaway! Enjoy slots, table games, bingo, poker, live shows and 5 restaurants.

… display site on EARTH surface


potassium hotel with water molecules

Thus the
EXTERNAL HOTEL and CASINO is a message site for the
INTERNAL potassium and water molecule THOUGHT system (inside a human)
water human
Thus the shooting event  in Milwaukee and the cover-up by univeristies and newspapers   ….. with the incomplete explanations of EVENTS  abvout the  role  of Badger guns and Potawatomi Casino in Nature’s expression systems and  the Wisconsin sin wave message processing.
tesla croatia   waycliffe toewer symbolsim
–> 2 months, 3 weeks, 3 days –> next message from –>

2 police officers shot on south side; suspect in custody › … › Milwaukee County
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Jun 10, 2009 – Two Milwaukee police officers were shot Tuesday afternoon on the near south … Flynn identified the officers as Bryan Norberg, 21, on the force six months, who was in satisfactory condition, and Graham Kunisch, 26, with 15 

hengel - 55 badger guns
Milwaukee –> Mil + wa + U –> Milky Way Universe TEST REGION for brain  activity
tesla  brain alpha  waves hernandez
Thus …we review the  complex message.
1) signal 23 hostages –> from the EARTH sample space region with the selection of a human  proepr noun  SAMPLE …..  SAM Hengel for the I/O ouptut PORT message  from  the PorterFIELD   ….. data  field  output of  the  sin wave /oscillation continuum field of the universe and its subset EARTH location  of Wisconsin sin waves.
tesla  6 energy of tsarnaev boston
Thus the living EARTH cell and its energies and concepts ..the 23 code..
Thus we  have a pair of numbers 23 and 23 .
Number 23 from Porterfield –> thus the need for  number 23 in  the
Milwuakee CASINO region  …….
……………………..NO = NODE  ….. regions per atomic  identifier of the Potawatomi Casino.
picture - electron node 5
In addition, we know of the NODE –> Northern DeKalb (Ilinois) and the COLE Hall ocean wave  …shooting  message about the ocean  … sin wave WARS.
lake michigan milwuake waves
Above, Lake Michigan SIN waves by Milwaukee   ..and the mechanics death of Jake Gerard …………….    gives the wave mechanics war in the MIlwaukee  region.

Weekend shooting victim hoped to become a mechanic ……/31855119.html
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Apr 21, 2008 – Jake Gerard worked two jobs to pay his way through school and had … completed one year of training toward becoming an auto mechanic, his …

becoming an    auto mechanic
becoming an    auto mechanic
becoming an    auto mechanic
becoming an m    SYMBOL MACHINE mechanic 

wave mechanics – The Free Dictionary

n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb). The branch of theoretical physics that mathematically represents subatomic particles as waves in fields, as in the theory of ..

Quantum mechanics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quantum mechanics (QM; also known as quantum physics, or quantum theory) is a fundamental branch of physics which deals with physical phenomena at nanoscopic scales, where the action is on the order of the Planck constant.

where the action is on the order of the Planck constant.
where the action is on the order of the Planck constant.
where the action is on the order of the Planck constant.
where the action is on the order of the Planck constant –> the Univeristy of Wisconinsin MIlwaukee orders of the Planck constant  to select
TEN fingers and TEN toes agent Kunish   at 37 degress Celsius   and age 26     near Milky Way universe TIME  HIGHWAY  I-43
to select another code 43  site  –> 2339 S.  43rd Street    ….for the construction of an  elaborate message  with important data for researchers  ..that needs to be understood.
picture - iron 7
Above, huam specimen kunish
Below, bio-physics SYMBOLs and NUMBERs that describe the TRUE  NATURE  of the deeper atomic and mathematical  levels  that underlie the   humanoid ….    Kunisch.
planck time 43
Thus, in year 2015, you have some pieces to the Wisconsin  mystery puzzle  ….. a puzzle that neeeds to solved   ….  by you and your  atomic friends.
Quantum me  mechanics is the science of the very small: the body of scientific principles that explains the behaviour of  your matter and its interactions with the energy of girlfreinds and wives ……  on the  scale of atoms and   the subatomic particles of the subconscious  mind.
Thus summary .. we think of the EARTH geography waves of energy and social thoughts   …as a underground stream of consciousness   …… and its thoughts rise up to the EARTH surface levels like a natural spring  of water.
natural sping water H.g. wells

Tesla’s Earthquake Machine – The Excluded Middle

In the last years of the 19th century, technological alchemist Nikola Tesla may … A vibration sent through the earth returns an “echo signature” using the same …

We have several varieties of wave FORMATS    …and the wars in Yugoslavia in 1991 thru 1997  were sin waves wars  of Tesla AC electric motors  and  radio/TV   hertzian awaves.
em waves hertz tesla

About 150 years ago, James Clerk Maxwell, an English scientist, developed a scientific theory to explain electromagnetic waves. He noticed that electrical fields …